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Skilled Nursing Facilities and Your Rights

Moving in to a skilled nursing facility, or moving a loved one in to a skilled nursing facility can be stressful and overwhelming. The thought alone may cause somebody to feel a loss of independence and feel like their rights will be taken away. State and federal laws are in place to protect the rights of nursing home residents. These rights are comprehensive, extensive, and clearly written out for all to view and reference. At Grosse Pointe Manor, we always prioritize our resident’s rights, comfort and health and treat each resident as the individual that they are.


Knowing your Rights

The most important thing to remember is that you have the right to choose which skilled nursing facility you want for rehabilitation or long-term care.  Doctors and hospitals may make suggestions however the ultimate choice is that of the patient and their family.  Your rights as a person do not change just because you are in a new setting. Grosse Pointe Manor takes great care of protecting your rights. Here are some important rights that you have as a resident.


  • As a resident, you have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • As a resident, you have the right to exercise your civil and religious liberties. This also includes the right to specific dietary preferences based in religion.
  • As a resident, you have the right to privacy. Privacy rights protect your personal privacy as well as the privacy of your medical record. In addition, you have a right to private visits with family members and/or a spouse.
  • As a resident, you have rights surrounding your healthcare. You have the right to attend care plan meetings to discuss your plan of care and treatment plan.
  • As a resident, you have the right to manage your own financial affairs, or designate somebody you choose to do so for you. You also have the right to know exactly how you or your insurance is being billed by the nursing facility.

Grosse Pointe Manor understands that moving to a skilled nursing facility is very stressful and feels that each resident has the right to be as independent as possible.  We work with you and your loved ones to attain and maintain each resident’s highest level of function.


Feeling Comfortable

Being a resident in a skilled nursing facility has many rights. Your stay in a skilled nursing facility should be as comfortable as possible. Knowing your rights as a resident is very important, and may ease your stress. Your health, safety, and comfort should be paramount to all while you get well. For more information about your rights and your stay, contact Grosse Pointe Manor at (847) 647-9875 or