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Post-acute Rehabilitation

Our professionals and caregivers provide a full range of quality care for all our residents. When you’re a resident of Grosse Pointe Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, you receive 24-hour nursing and personalized services to help improve and support your level of function and activity.

The therapy department covers more than 2,000 square feet and offers equipment for physical and occupational therapy, including:

NeurogymTech mobility trainer

NeurogymTech sit-to-stand trainer


Exercise bike

Resistance/strength training

Postural standing frame

Activity/hand therapy table

Massage table

Parallel bars

Model staircase

Physical Therapy

The physical therapy program is central to the professional, compassionate care Grosse Pointe Nursing and Rehabilitation Center offers. At some point, most Grosse Pointe Manor residents will participate in and benefit from physical therapy. We develop an individualized plan to attain the best progress and results. Each resident meets and agrees with the assigned therapist on goals. The therapist evaluates the resident, makes recommendations, and follows through on the therapy program. Our fully-outfitted therapy department offers resistance/strength training equipment, a model staircase, a treadmill and exercise bike, and more.

Therapy room

Occupational Therapy

At Grosse Pointe Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, we place great importance on occupational therapy. Here's why this form of rehabilitation matters so much: after an injury, a stroke, an orthopedic procedure, or similar events, regular Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) suffer. Occupational therapy helps with tasks such as combing hair, brushing teeth, and cooking a meal.  Our professional occupational therapists spend structured time helping our residents regain the ability to function and live more actively.

Speech Therapy

A number of conditions can contribute to the development of speech and related disorders. The speech therapists at Grosse Pointe Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provide residents who are facing such disorders with treatment and management. The ability to converse adds to quality of life, which we strive to enhance here at Grosse Pointe Manor. Our speech therapy program addresses everything that's involved: language, voice, cognition, and swallowing. It's an important part of the care our residents receive.


Therapy specialties

Post-surgical therapy is provided to regain strength and the ability to regain independence following surgeries. Orthopedic rehabilitation is provided following a joint replacement such as a hip or knee replacement. Cardiac rehabilitation is provided following procedures such as open heart surgery, or a pacemaker placement. Therapies are provided focusing on individualized treatment plans so that each client can gain their optimal strength and function.

Some of our therapy specialties include:

  • Cardiac Therapy Program
  • Post-surgical therapy
  • Stroke and Parkinson's rehab