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How to Select the Right Long Term Care Facility

With so many options available today, choosing a long term care facility can be a major challenge on several levels. It, however, can be much more manageable if there is a plan in place. Preparation is key to choosing the right place for you or your loved ones. This article will explore how to make an informed decision when selecting a long term facility for yourself or a loved one.


Follow these steps to choose the right long term care facility:

  1. Establish what your needs are.
    • People are unique, as are their needs. You should first identify your loved ones day to day needs. There are many different types of care options including- skilled nursing, assisted living, and memory/Alzheimer’s care.
  2. Visit several facilities that have the resources to meet your needs and ask lots of questions.
    • Write down questions and bring them to your visit. Ensure you are comfortable and trust the answers you are given.
  3. Work with your estate planner, accountant, or attorney to determine how payment will be made.
    • Is care covered by insurance or self-pay? Are all meals provided? Do they offer daily entertainment?
  4. Perform online searches of the facilities that you are choosing between.
    • Online reviews are important when they are genuine. Make sure to read from other’s experience.  Try to find reviews from people looking for similar help as you.
    • Check their Nursing Home rating score. For instance, skilled facilities are subject to ongoing inspections for everything from cleanliness to care satisfaction. How do your choices compare to other places in your area?
  5. Work with an estate planner or other resources who may have previous experience with LTC Facilities in the surrounding community.

Red Flags:

Instinct can be a powerful tool when selecting a long term care facility. If you don’t feel right about something, go someplace else. In addition, pay careful attention to cleanliness and odors. Facilities should be clean and free of odors. Another thing to pay attention to is how engaged the other residents are. Ideally, residents should be active and participating in activities or therapy.

Pay Careful Attention:

The selection process for finding the right LTC facility is not an exact science. One must use their research, and instinct to determine the best fit for themselves or a loved one.  Choosing an ideal location to rehab and live is an important step for overall health and wellness, and careful attention should be paid when making a final decision.