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5 Tips to Aging Well

Things change as we age and get older. Our bodies and minds evolve in good ways, and in challenging ways. It happens to everyone, as we have no control over passing time. Most people don’t see themselves at an advanced age when they are young. It’s hard to contemplate a time when body and mind might break down and not operate as expected. There is no one magic or secret recipe to follow that guarantees healthy and easy aging. What we can do, however, is put ourselves in the best position for lasting health. This article will provide 5 tips to aging well. Although there are no promises given, these tips might help all of us to age healthy and happily.


What do we mean by the word aging?

Aging is more than just a number. Sure, a numerical age is a good indicator of how things may progress with the aging process, but it does not tell the whole story. Aging, as it is related to this article, is about the different systems in your body and mind that change and need more attention as time goes by. When you purchase a new car, everything is pristine and all of the instrumentation and parts work flawlessly. In order for your car to remain in great shape as time goes by, attention must be given to it. It needs oil changes, tire rotations, washing, and a host of other things that may pop up. People are similar to cars in this sense. Like cars, we require a lot of attention, care, and maintenance to perform at a high level.  This increases as we get older.


5 Tips to Aging Well

There are many things we can do to give us the best opportunity for aging well. We have put list together to give you a good start.


  1. Get regular checkups and wellness visits from your doctor. We often times neglect this until problems creep up. If you visit your doctor regularly, small issues can be detected and taken care of before they get big. This goes hand in hand with having up to date immunizations. Why put yourself at risk for illness when you don’t have to.
  2. Sleep or lack of sleep is a significant health issue. Sleep does so much for your brain and body that it is imperative you pay attention to it. Without enough sleep, your body and brain cannot heal itself from the rigors of everyday wear and tear. Deprivation can lead to a compromised immune system, depression, and other significant problems. Plus, sleep feels pretty great.
  3. High protein and fiber diets are proven to be the healthier choice. The more processed, fried, and fast food we eat, the more we are harming ourselves. The problem is that we don’t see all of the negative things associated with a bad diet until later in life. Stick to lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and beans whenever possible. You will not only feel better, but will be healthier long term.
  4. Of course exercise would follow diet. The human body is not built to be sedentary. We know that movement, walking, running, exercise, etc. is the way to keep your body healthy. When muscles, including your heart, are not exercised, they shrink and create a host of problem later in life. If you think about just how little time you need to exercise per day (1/2 hour) to be healthy.
  5. Enjoy yourself. Being happy, and engaging in social interaction is a key component of aging well, especially for your brain. The daily tasks of life can sometimes get in the way of doing things that make us happy. Let’s switch that around. Make it a priority to do something you enjoy, every day. Doesn’t that sound fun?


Start now

It’s very hard to do all of these things regularly starting from when you are very young. The good news is that it’s never too late to start practicing a healthier lifestyle. Substituting some bad habits with the ones listed above will immediately improve your wellness and make you feel better. Aging is about how our bodies and mind react to time and usage. Let’s do everything we can to take care of ourselves so we can all age happily and with as much good health as possible.