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4 Tips to Keeping Your Memory Strong

The human brain is a fascinating thing. It controls everything we do, internally and externally. One of the most interesting things the brain does is allow us to remember. Memories permit us to look back at the parts that make up our lives. This brings happiness and joy to most people. A lot of emphasis (and rightfully so) is put on taking care of our bodies. There needs to be just as much, if not more, emphasis put on taking care of our minds and our memory. We can do some simple things throughout our lives that may help keep our memories strong as we get older.


4 Tips to help with memory:



  1. Diet– How we eat throughout our lives impacts many things, including memory. Diets that include foods like blueberries, fatty fish, avocado, and broccoli are recommended for memory health. These foods contain the nutrients and other cell building components that strengthen the memory. The brain is made up of mostly fat, so eating foods with healthy fat content is the way to go. We need to get these fatty substances from our diet since the body does not create it on its own.
  2. Exercise– Studies show that regular aerobic exercise helps to fortify a person’s memory. It helps to reduce inflammation, and also stabilizes mood and stress levels, which can negatively impact somebody’s brain. When somebody exercises, more oxygen gets pumped to the brain, which is a great thing. Once again, something that is good for our hearts and bodies is also good for our brains and memory.
  3. Sleep– Sleep is huge and not discussed nearly enough. So much goes on in our bodies when we sleep. It’s an amazing thing how the human body can repair itself while asleep. Obviously, we feel better when we sleep enough. When we don’t get enough sleep, we feel lousy, and this is the body screaming at us for more. During our sleep phase, the brain is processing information and through various mechanisms, it is converting information into long-term memory.
  4. Learning– or exercising your brain is another way to help keep your memory strong. No matter what your age is, learning a new skill or game can help the brain to build new neuro-pathways which leads to better brain health. The saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is not accurate, and very misleading. People of all ages can learn new things at any time. It’s a matter of concentration and putting in the effort.


We all will get older. One thing we have no control over is time. Of course, following the tips above does not guarantee that someone’s memory will be strong forever. What they do, however, is give a road map for things anybody can do on a daily basis to improve the chances of having and keeping a strong memory. The added bonus is that following these tips will also improve overall health and wellness. Let’s not forget about that.

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