Medication use

At Grosse Pointe Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, we stress the need for complete medical information to ensure that we deliver high-quality professional care. We need to know each resident's medication usage at admission to maintain and adjust as health improves or declines. Many individuals, especially those with chronic conditions, take multiple drugs. You must make a list of all medications. Start by looking in your loved one's medicine chest, bedside table, and kitchen. Be certain to check all physicians who may be prescribing and drugstores that may be dispensing prescription drugs to your loved one.

  • List all medicines taken, prescription or over-the-counter, with frequency and dosage.
  • List all herbal remedies, supplements, traditional home remedies or vitamins being used.
  • Is the person able to take medications as directed and avoid interactions? Is your loved one taking prescriptions written by multiple physicians who may not be aware of other physicians who are also treating the patient?
  • If there are there any obstacles to proper drug use, such as denial, forgetfulness, fear of expense or side effects, or poor understanding of the need for the drug.